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The Digital Economist Center of Excellence on Human-centered Digital Economy pools creativity, innovation and intellectual power. The Center of Excellence builds actionable insights, best practices, frameworks, guidance and tools. The driving force is a curated community of Fellows who engage in an ongoing discourse on pivotal ideas and knowledge. The Center of Excellence attracts diverse senior business leaders, innovators, technologists and research scientists from across the globe.

Beyond Stakeholder Capitalism Summit report

Can Stakeholder Capitalism Fix the World?

Position Paper Series

A Crystal Ball is Not Enough 
Risk management in the
post-pandemic world

Position Paper Series

Centering in on Decentralized Governance

Applying Elinor Ostrom's Design
Principles to Blockchain Technologies


Future of Work Paper.jpg
 Policy Paper V

Making Work Work

For All Stakeholders



Arvinder leads the Entrepreneur in Training program at The Digital Economist. A technology entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in assembling and mentoring teams, he has built products from ideation to enterprise offering. 

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 Policy Paper IV

Future of Mobility 

On the Move - But Where To?

Policy Paper III

Fighting Climate Change

Without social entrepreneurship, we might win a battle, but we’ll lose the war!

Policy Paper II

The Human Cost of Gender Inequality

Why gender parity is essential to a human-centered economy

Earth and Space
 Policy Paper I

Entrepreneurship 4.0: Setting the Stage

The role of policy in driving entrepreneurialism



Entrepreneur in Residence at The Digital Economist. Previously served as the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of UrbanLogiq


Forbes 30 Under 30. Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School (Economics of Data, Privacy and Blockchain). Board Member at Enzyme.

Principal Research Scientist at Redzone Production Systems, Visiting Researcher at MIT Media Lab. MIT Technology Review's Innovator Under 35.

José Parra-Moyano
Alfredo J. Morales-Guzman
Arvinder Singh Kang
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Partner at Eigen Capital. Previously, COO at Kora Network and Director of AI Sales and Implementation at Neurensic.

Researcher and Analyst, currently doing full-time research on Startups and Venture Capital at IIT Madras. Completing PhD at the University of Madras


Applied behavioral economist focused on building product and service offerings as drivers towards a human-centered digital economy.

Maomao Hu
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Maxwell Stanley
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Arushi Gupta
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Antifragility Working Group

Focused on intelligent risk management by building antifragile systems – systems that not only survive, but flourish, under stress – as the key to the future of business, mankind and the planet.

Mature Businesswoman
Policy Working Group


Technological convergence toward a human-centered digital economy necessitates robust democratic structures and policymaking that favors future-oriented development to support entrepreneurship.